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Animax Entertainment

We are an Emmy award-winning full-service creative studio that delivers engaging experiences across all platforms including branded entertainment, cutting-edge technology, social media, and engaging applications.

We Make Funny

Animax (Delaware corp: Animax Interactive LLC) was founded in 2001 by Emmy Award winning writer-producer-actor Dave Thomas and Andrew Bain, owner of an international advertising holding company. Animax combines the talents from both the entertainment and advertising worlds to create a singular company that explores and creates engaging broadcast and broadband content. We are located in 6627 Valjean Avenue, Van Nuys, California 91406.

Dave Thomas

Founder and Executive Creative Director. Dave is an internationally recognized, award-winning producer, writer, director and actor. Starting out as a copywriter at McCann-Erickson on Coca-Cola, Dave left the advertising world and joined the improv comedy theater Second City. He later went on to become an Emmy winning co-creator of SCTV where he created numerous characters that became pop culture icons including the McKenzie Brothers. Those characters have gone on to be used in numerous commercials and feature films and were the recent inspiration for the talking moose in Disney’s animated film and its pending sequel, Brother Bear.

Dave directs the vision for Animax creative teams – writers, designers and animators – to execute on original content production and Animax client work.

Michael Bellavia

Chief Executive Officer. Michael came to Animax from Palomar Pictures, a commercial and interactive production services company, where he worked in business development.

Prior to Palomar, Michael was a Lead Strategist with interactive agency Concrete Media and also ran his own new media consulting firm whose clients included Miramax, New Line and A&E. Michael began his career as the Operations Manager for a holographic production company and later was an Internal Consultant at Group Health Incorporated, and later a Marketing Director at Sony Columbia House.

Michael has an MBA in Marketing from Columbia Business School and a BS in Engineering from The University of Michigan. He is a member of the New Media Council of the Producers Guild of America, a mentor for AFI’s Digital Content Lab, an Advanced Media Emmy judge and a licensed professional engineer. He has spoken at Ad-Tech, OMMA East and OMMA Hollywood, the LA Roadshow and Kidscreen.

Tim Jones

Chief Operating Officer. With over twelve years of industry experience, Tim is a seasoned pro at directing teams of traditional and digital animators. His career highlights include production posts at Warner Bros., Klasky-Csupo and at the pioneering Internet animation house, Icebox, where he headed the Flash Animation Department. At Animax, Tim leads a team of over 30 artists, designers and animators as well as the studio’s interactive technology efforts.

Tim has spoken and led education sessions at numerous industry conferences on the subject of using Flash to produce animation and interactive entertainment and edutainment at Flashforward, FitC, ShowBiz Expo, Digital Hollywood, and the LA Flash User Group. He is a member of the New Media Council of the Producers Guild of America and a mentor for AFI’s Digital Content Lab .

Someone Else

Chief Comedy Officer / Company Mascot. With less than a 4th grade education, Someone Else started out early in the world of comedy as the class clown in Mrs. Erickson’s social studies class in New York before dropping out to pursue a life-long dream of being an Avon cosmetics salesperson. After selling a dozen pink-shade lipsticks to a transsexual on 138th Street, Someone moved to Hollywood to work in the entertainment business, despite Everyone’s disapproval. But with No-one’s support, Someone landed a gig at the Groundlings theatre, where he slept his way to the top of becoming the Chief Comedy Officer and Mascot for Animax. His response to his unparalleled success is “Anyone can do it, so did I!”


Virtual Worlds

Since the beginning of 2007, Animax has architected, designed, animated and engineered various major Virtual Worlds including the avatars and online games. Some of our major notables include avatar and games development for Warner Bros T-Works and the full virtual world creation of TY’s Ty Girlz and Beanie Babies which were created in a matter of months.


One of the major fortes of Animax is animation and we have the ability to animate in both 2D and 3D. In 2D, we generally focus on Flash-based animation with other software tools to support our efforts, as we also incorporate the traditional hand drawn animation to supplement the Flash animation libraries.

Online Games

Animax is also proud to be a prolific creator of high quality entertaining online games. Please CLICK HERE to view our online portfolio of games. You will be surprised that our Tic-Tac-Toe game is the most popular of them all!

…and the Kitchen Sink

Metal, marble, chrome, but seriously, Animax has also created entertaining and informational web content for Educational entities such as Coping with Chemo, Microsites such as Ink Is It, and various Ad Units. We are also developing our very own Original Content for various media such as TV and the Internet, such as The Animated Adventures of Bob & Doug McKenzie!